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Copyright © 2016 UKIP Rushmoor Promoted by Gill Bailey on behalf of UKIP Aldershot Branch, 33 Hawley Lane, Farnborough, GU14 8JD

We are fielding candidates for election to Hampshire County Council in all divisions where the boundaries lie substantially within the Aldershot Parliamentary Constituency.

The divisions are:

We are also fielding a candidate for the St. Johns ward of Rushmoor Borough Council where there is a by-election.

We will announce the names of candidates when their nominations are complete.

About Us: Candidates

Dave Bell

Farnborough North

I have lived in Farnborough for 24 years with my wife Rosie and our children.

I have been a member of UKIP for 4 years and have been an elected councillor at Rushmoor Borough Council since October 2014. A local voice supporting Brexit, many of you will have seen us campaigning in the town centre. My working background was in Finance and I.T. so honesty and accuracy have been worked into my character. I believe in getting results by working with people. I think I have the experience and strength of character to stand up for the interests of Farnborough North residents when issues are discussed at Hampshire County Council.

It is difficult to convey how different Ukip is as a party compared to Labour or the Conservatives. Ukip Local and County councillors get out and about meeting residents and discussing issues that affect their daily lives. It's not just about National issues, but more likely about transport to the local hospital; clearing up broken glasses to prevent dogs paws getting cut; changing a light bulb for an elderly resident; helping with a child's special needs; making sure that residents feel safe when at home; cutting down brambles from alleyways. You just don't see Conservative or Labour councillors doing anything like this.

Just imagine how pleasant it would be to live in Hampshire if all your councillors were like this.

Mike Gascoigne

Yateley East & Blackwater

I have lived in Blackwater for 30 years with my wife Fiona and we have raised our four children here and they have all grown up and gone.

My main interests on Hampshire County Council will be education, social services, and public access to the countryside.

The recent passage through Parliament of the Children and Social Work Bill means that sex education will be compulsory in all schools including primary schools and academies (although in primary schools it's packaged as "relationships education"). I am concerned that children are already being taught too much too soon and the outcome of this new legislation needs to be carefully monitored.

I am also concerned that social workers are taking a disproportionate interest in the adoption of small children from families that are perceived to have problems. I would like to see the family courts opened up to scrutiny by independent observers and there should be opportunities to question the participants just the same as in any other court.

I am the Secretary of a group of UKIP members called Support 4 the Family.

I am also a member of a running club called Sandhurst Joggers and I am interested in the preservation of woodland for public access, including organised events. We have held our annual cross-country run in Hawley Woods for many years and we are grateful to the Army for their cooperation, but this has unfortunately ceased and we have had to look for other venues.

Registered Election Candidates

Local Elections, Thursday 4th May 2017