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Copyright © 2016 UKIP Rushmoor Promoted by Gill Bailey on behalf of UKIP Aldershot Branch, 33 Hawley Lane, Farnborough, GU14 8JD

About Us: Committee

Gill Bailey

Branch Secretary:
Carol Turner

Membership Secretary:
Jenny Parsons

Wendy Staplehurst

Blackwater Coordinator:
Mike Gascoigne

I am looking after the northern section of the Aldershot Parliamentary Constituency that lies within Hart District. Most of this is the Blackwater and Hawley Ward of Hart District Council where I stood as a local election candidate in 2015 and 2016, and there is also the Darby Green area that lies within Yateley East.

If the boundary changes go ahead in 2018 I will have to change my UKIP affiliation from Rushmoor (Aldershot) to Yateley East but otherwise my activities will continue as usual.

Out Campaigner and
Aldershot Coordinator:
Kevin Betsworth